Our Story

Our Roots

Born out of a love of adventure and steeled by years of experience in the outdoor adventure market, Splash is the latest venture of our owner and adrenaline seeking pioneer, Robert Carmichael.

Robert, the sixth generation to manage the family farm, successfully established and developed The Jungle Outdoor Adventure Centre in 2005. He was innovative and imaginative in using available resources as well as being determined to overcome any challenges. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather who in the 1960s won an Ulster Farming medal for initiative, efficiency and productivity. With a close knit team of forward thinking staff by his side, Robert’s steadfast and trailblazing approach to innovation, has kept The Jungle at the forefront of the outdoor adventure sphere in Northern Ireland. The Jungle has delivered award winning seasonal events and high octane outdoor activities for over 15 years.

Robert now wants to bring his love of adventure to the water.

A local to Moneymore, his vision is to develop his hometown community into a central hub of adventure in the heart of Northern Ireland. Having an outdoor adventure centre and an outdoor waterpark in the same rural town, located slap bang in the middle of ‘our wee country’, will offer the local and wider community a place to come to revel in adventure.

Our Philosophy

It’s simple really. We love adventure. We love the outdoors.

We believe that our body and minds are enriched and nourished by engaging in adventure and spending time in nature.

We are as much of a vital part of this ecosystem we inhabit than any other species and we need to get back out into nature to benefit from the energizing and invigorating qualities that it offers.

We also cannot understate the vital role that play and physical activity has in our physical and mental well being.

It’s not about being childish, it’s about giving our minds and bodies the space to explore. It’s about adapting to new challenges, using your imagination, expanding your bodies range of movement, enjoying social interaction and strengthening your mental capacity to deal with the challenges of life.

With the increasing pressures of modern life in our 21st century mechanised world, it’s crucial for us to reconnect with the youthful and playful spirit we developed naturally as children. What better place to reconnect, than in the revitalising spectrum of nature?

There’s no better way of giving yourself a boost than to run and jump around on a huge inflatable AquaPark and splash into the invigorating fresh water below.

Adding a Splash of adventure

Northern Ireland has had such a significant rise in attention and well deserved growth in the past decade, this time for all the right reasons. We can finally be recognised for our stunning scenery, creative spirit, sporting heavyweights and breadth of vibrant rural communities, as well as a resurgent and rejuvenated capital city in Belfast.

We want to add a splash of adventure to our ever developing country.

Being conveniently located in the middle of the country, we hope to make the heart of the country an adventure hotspot.

Splash is about offering the chance to leave your troubles at the door, get suited up in your wetsuit and immerse yourself in a wet and wild adventure, by exploring the bumps, bends, bridges, towers, slides and jumps that extend across our gigantic inflatable Aqua Park.

In the heart of the country