Our Story


We’re adrenaline junkies at heart. We love the OUTDOORS. We love ADVENTURE.

That, in a nutshell, is what we’re all about.

Therefore, we’ve donned our thinking caps, rolled up our sleeves and hatched a plan to make a SPLASH in the outdoor adventure sphere over the next year.


We have managed to purchase our very own 17-acre site that includes a 12-acre fresh water lake, which sits neatly among a secluded and hidden woodland cove in Moneymore. Thank you Mother nature!

We’ve rolled out the big guns, deploying tractors, diggers and some of the biggest, baddest heavy machinery required to transform this forgotten lagoon into NATURE’S ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND.

Our aim is to leave this space as relatively untouched as possible and remain steeped in its own natural beauty. The hard labour is currently ongoing, smoothing out the rough edges to create good access to the water, creating space around the sides for facilities and car parking and carefully shaping the surrounding natural environment.

Once this is completed in the coming months, it will then be equipped with a MAMMOTH, custom made Inflatable AquaPark, loaded with awesome obstacles! This will be Northern Ireland’s NEWEST Inflatable Waterpark. As lovers of the outdoors and splashing about in the water like big kids, naturally WE CAN’T WAIT!

Inflatable AquaPark

To make this happen, we need your help…

Over the last decade, crowdfunding has turned the market on its head and asks willing customers to buy into a product or service in advance of it being released to fund the business start-up, with the customer then being rewarded with a special edition, membership or some other exclusive incentive for their contribution, such as a significant discount on pre-opening prices. It simply does away with the need for bank loans and lets the customer play their part in the building of a new and exciting business and reap the rewards as a result.

To date we have invested £330,000 to purchase the lake, the inflatable AquaPark and complete the initial groundwork.

Now, we need your help to enhance the Water Park facilities. We would love to develop and install a top of the range Splash Hub main building which would include a Reception area, Café & Burger Bar, Kit Storage area and large changing and locker area. Close by we would also install a toilet block and associated sewage facility. Therefore, we are launching our own Crowdfunding campaign.


We’ve set our goal as…




With your help, we aim to raise £250,000. If we are successful, we will be in a position to build these top of the range facilities to make the SPLASH experience even better. The size and scale of the facilities we finally install will depend entirely on the amount raised through our crowdfunding campaign.


Regardless of how much we raise, the park will go ahead and be opened for Summer 2020.


The lake is ready and the AquaPark will soon be installed, however, the level of additional facilities installed will be dependent on how successful our Crowd Funding campaign is. If we don’t meet our goal, we will simply install more modest facilities and ensure you have everything you need for your visit.

We’d love you to jump on board and help us create an awesome water park, complete with top of the range facilities and become part of something new and exciting.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to be part of our project and come along for the ride, you can choose from any of the Advanced Ticket Reward options below. The options consist of a number of session passes, with huge discounts on opening prices to offer an incentive to get involved early.

Simply select your option below and complete your order.

Then, once the park opens in Summer 2020, simply book online with your details and bring your friends along to enjoy your sessions.

To be a part of this project, you can opt for any of the following Advanced Ticket Reward options:

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The next wave...

Once the park is up and running, we will continue to develop the park to offer even more facilities and activities.

Later in Summer 2020 we have plans to open an inland beach area. This will consist mainly of grass, with a small sandy shoreline. Once you finish your session on the AquaPark, you will be welcome to stay on and enjoy an afternoon on the beach. You can bring your own picnic, chill out by the water’s edge in the sunshine surrounded by nature and even take a swim in our beautiful fresh lake. You could even try your hand at Stand Up Paddle Boarding or rent a Pedal Boat and take a relaxing sail.