El Jefe & The Spanish Connection

12th June 2024

At Splash Outdoor Waterpark, we’re more than just a destination for fun and adventure. We’re a group of people that values cultural exchange and personal growth, deeply committed to providing enriching experiences for everyone who becomes part of our community. One of the most heart-warming aspects of our park is our long-standing relationship with the National Business Training Institute (NBTI), which has allowed us to offer work experience to European students, enriching their lives and ours.

For many years, through our sister site, The Jungle Outdoor Adventure Centre, we’ve welcomed bright and eager students from across Europe. Our collaboration with NBTI has enabled us to host these young adventurers, primarily from Spain, who join us for about six months at a time. They live with us, work alongside our team, and bring a piece of their culture into our world. The experience is profoundly rewarding, both for the students and our team.

Each year, we look forward to welcoming two new students. Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting remarkable young individuals like Ferran, Victor and Pau as Spanish interns. Pau’s arrival coincided with the debut of our newest and tallest slide, aptly named El Jefe, which means “The Boss” in Spanish. This name is more than just a nod to the imposing nature of the slide—it’s a heartfelt homage to the incredible Spanish students who have brought so much joy, energy, and positivity to our park.

Pau, like his predecessors, has seamlessly integrated into our team, bringing his enthusiasm and unique perspectives. Our interns have enriched our work environment, making it even more dynamic and inclusive. Like Ferran and Victor, Pau has now become part of the family. These students, often as young as 16, immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Northern Ireland, gaining valuable work experience while forming lasting bonds with our staff.

The spirit of El Jefe embodies the adventurous, fearless nature of our interns. It stands as a symbol of the strong connections we’ve built with our Spanish friends and the invaluable contributions they’ve made to Splash. We are immensely grateful for their hard work, camaraderie, and the cultural exchange they facilitate.

As we continue to nurture this special relationship with NBTI, we look forward to welcoming more students and sharing our unique slice of paradise with them. At Splash, every new season brings not just awesome water adventures, but also new friendships and unforgettable experiences. So next time you visit, take a ride on El Jefe and remember the wonderful Spanish spirit that it represents. Together, we create a tapestry of shared adventures, cultural exchange, and endless memories.